Kitchen Sinks

At Lavabo you can find a big selection of kitchen sinks. We are selling only the best brands in the market that combine the finest materials to offer long life in top designs and comfortable user experience.

Brand names like Franke, Carron, Alveus and Rodi are all here to provide our customers with the advantages they possess compared to other brands.

We selected our collection basically following 4 simple rules.

RULE 1: stronger materials of kitchen sinks.
Our kitchen sinks are among the strongest kitchen sinks on the market, since they are made of CrNi 18-10 stainless steel with the thickness of up to 1 mm, and of extremely solid composite materials. To compare the thickness of the metal of different sinks, it is enough to compare their weight.
Heavier sinks are made of thicker metal.

RULE 2: Convenient dimensions of sinks.
We choose our sink’s containers to be deeper than comparable competitive sinks.
This means giving more comfort in washing larger pieces and larger quantities of dishes.

RULE 3: Durability and easy cleaning of sinks.
Our selection is resistant to impacts, scratches, high temperatures, chemicals and all types of stains due to the fact that they are made of premium materials.
They are also designed to provide maintenance without the use of aggressive cleaning agents.

RULE 4: The looking good factor. The finest designs the most crazy colors and all the latest trends have to be displayed. Undercounter, combinations of glass and inox , gold, bronze and matt black color are all available.
Visit our showroom at Hellados Avenue in Paphos to have a look at the latest kitchen sink trends.